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Training dogs professionally for 15 years, Scott Dunmore has the knowledge, hands-on experience and teaching ability to help dog owners in a multitude of scenarios. Whether you're looking to start off on the right foot with a new puppy, are experiencing behavioral or aggression issues in your adult dog, or would like to introduce your dog to a new sport or activity, Scott can offer insight and assistance.

Scott has been lucky to have trained under many influential leaders in the dog training industry including Sarah Wilson, Brian Kilcommons, Michael Ellis, Jen Vickery, and Francis Holder. Scott was also the featured trainer on NECN's The Secret Life of Animals with Vicki Croke.

Working with such a variety of trainers has given Scott experience in a wide range of approaches, techniques and methods … allowing him to develop his own unique style of training. Balanced. Fair. Consistent. Motivating. And most importantly, Fun!

With his own dogs, Scott has participated in AKC Obedience, Schutzhund (IPO), Mondio Ring, French Ring, PSA, and Dock Diving. Scott is the only decoy in the country to be certified in all four major dog sports (Mondio Ring, French Ring, PSA and IPO) and has helped prepare dogs for high level competition in these venues.

In addition to individual home sessions and sport training, Scott also offers hugely popular pack walks. Does your dog crave extra exercise, proper socialization and exposure to the great outdoors? Wouldn't you enjoy better off-leash control in distracting and challenging environments? It's hard to replicate the benefits your companion will reap when he's part of an off-leash, under-control and on-the-move group of dogs. The result: a happy, tired, content and well-trained dog!

All sound good? If you'd like more information on any of his services, visit this site's Contact page to get in touch with Scott by phone or email. He looks forward to chatting with you about your goals and setting up a time to meet with your dog.

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